Clients Speak

I’ve been suffering from chronic lower back pain since 2008 and have tried just about everything in the alternative realm (​​ie: yoga, exercise, massage, acupuncture) to manage the condition.  In 2016 I did the 10 series with L’, and she immediately picked up on injuries in my body from high school that could have been part of the problem. L’ explained how injuries, emotions, traumas, etc are stored in our body, and towards the end of the 10 sessions with L’, she recommended me seeing a therapist​ who combines energy work with psychotherapy. Dealing with the physical and emotional bodies together has given me relief that I have not had in years.  My back feels better and I’m overall much stronger. This has been the new normal for me the past 8 months, and I hope for years to come as I continue to work with L’.

Carolyn Anderson

L’ offers the antidote to Western society and its effects on health and well being. With L’aura’s expertise and genuine enthusiasm for nutrition, anatomy/kinesiology, yoga, self-healing, and mindfulness, her clients really benefit from this holistic approach. I’ve trusted L’ to my care for rolf yoga and structural integration. If L’ develops a cult following or “rock star” status among those interested in healing and well being, I wouldn’t be surprised as I know she is already very well respected among her peers and clients!

Melissa M. McSwigan

What a find in my community. L’s voice and direction are seasoned and fluid. Her verbal cues and her ability to open your mind and see the pictures she paints with her words are stunning, among other things. Accommodating is an understatement. Other yoga instructors/classes/businesses could benefit.


As a bodyworker and a yoga practitioner it is refreshing to see how different L’ approaches the body and the language that she uses to describe it. Starting with the foundation (the feet) and working up the building blocks allows the smallest adjustments to change poor postural positions often neglected by other approaches. The results can be so specific that even in a group class you can feel like it’s a private session. Her anatomical knowledge of the dynamic body plane system makes L’ stand alone in the Pittsburgh area as a healer and consultant. I would refer anyone to L’ who has been dealing with chronic issues and are losing hope that there really is a way to strengthen, elongate, build upon a body that can function with decreased pain/discomfort.

Rachael Simon

Meeting L’aura has been a blessing both in the development of a new practice in Yoga through her insightful and healing yoga classes but also in combining the Structural Integration work along with the yoga. I enjoy Ballroom Dancing and the work with L’aura has helped me to lengthen, strengthen and find a better balance in the body, both in quiet stillness but also in movement. I did not expect the amazing benefits to Mind Body and Spirit that the combination of both Structural Integration work and Yoga can create. It is holistic, spiritually centering and Life Changing!

Barb Goff,

Licensed Professional Counselor

 I started taking Yoga for physical ‘health’ reasons, to lose weight and look better, but when I happened into L’s RolfYoga class I got a lot more then what was expected. L’ teaches from the heart, non judgmentally, and with great compassion for her students. She manages to give explicit understandable instruction while maintaining a sense of grace for accommodations. Each of her classes is different, but some how she manages to bring pieces of poetry, snippets of personal knowledge, or a simple quote from a text to give it all perspective. To me it is not surface work; I am not merely applying the standard ‘workout’ sweating and walking away- the practice grounds me holistically, mentally and emotionally. L’ teaches her students how to apply what we have learned in class in our every day lives, from sitting at the computer or how we handle social situations. This application is not through self judgment but by self-recognition, which I think is key to this practice

Jodi Ann

I was drawn to L’s yoga class initially because the pace of her class suits me and because I love leaving a yoga class blissed out! L’s style is deliberate, calming, and intelligently informed from her work as a body therapist. L’ has created novel poses that access the body structures differently than traditional postures as well as added movements to transform familiar poses. L’ develops the flow of class based on principles of body structures, most notably of the connective tissues of the body.  I have also had Structural Integration work with L’ and that, combined with the RolfYoga classes, has made my shoulder and pelvic girdles freer than they have been in years. I have been doing yoga since 1999 and have had many wonderful teachers with different styles of teaching. What makes L’s class unique is how she creatively merges her knowledge of the body from her work as a Structural Integration body worker with her understanding of yoga to help a person experience both immediate health effects (e.g. calm) and long-term changes (e.g. with body structures). L’ is a safe, competent and welcoming practitioner with a heart to develop a community of greater health!

Suzanna Styles

Social Worker

I met L a few months ago when I moved to Pittsburgh from New York. She was immediately welcoming and encouraging when I joined her Rolf Inspired yoga class. These classes pay close attention to alignment while building strength and relaxation. Alignment based yoga classes are very important to me as I have benefitted from healing old injuries in the past. Because I was so impressed with the classes L’ taught I was curious to try Rolfingsessions with her. I suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches and this experience has helped me in numerous ways. L’ also worked very effectively with relieving my TMJ going inside my mouth and releasing the tension due to the frequent headaches. The final technique that helped me was when L’ did some work with my sinus passages.  This was a huge breakthrough as I have had chronic congestion my entire life. I highly recommend L. She is knowledgeable, caring, helpful and healing.

Elizabeth, Educator

Client & Student

Great Teacher!

L’ is a super committed, serious and caring Instructor.
She explains each pose inside and out. Guiding us through the practice of yoga from a deeper perspective. Going to her classes is not only a physical experience but a spiritual one as well.
I thoroughly enjoy her classes and feel they have an extremely positive effect on my well being.
I encourage anybody at any level to try her classes!

Patrizia Ferreira

L’ is an amazingly talented, knowledgeable and caring instructor and coach. Since I have known L’ my life has changed in many positive ways. I feel so much healthier and alive since working with her. I feel blessed to have had this experience and look forward to growing more as my work continues with L’.

Michele Lackey

I have taken classes w L’ since January 2013. I am addicted! She makes yoga not only educational but fun as well. When L’ moved her practice from 5 min from my home to 30 min I didn’t hesitate to follow her. She is always positive, energetic. I have learned many things about the body and how it works and how yoga can help w many of the medical issues we are dealing w daily. Thanks l’! Ur the best!