In Depth Study

Set your Practice, your Clients, YOURSLEF into Motion!

Wish to revolutionize the way you work on and off the table? Expand your current yoga or Structural Integration practice with a specifically designed movement program geared towards your client’s needs. This program will teach you how to educate your clients in movement based on their individual needs.  RolfYoga is a deeper exploration into the 10 Session Session sequence via yoga asana, breath work, meditation, and effective positive communication with students and clients. If you are newer to teaching classes, or have never taught before but would like to this program may just be for you!

This course is being redesigned for the masses. Wheather you are a bodyworker or student of yoga, or have rescived Structural Integration this course will benifit you.

“I attended the intro training for L’aura Campsi’s RolfYoga Training this fall in Pittsburgh, PA. My background consists of 19 years experience in Sports Medicine, Medical Massage Therapy and Structural Integration.  I have have only recently begun to explore what I now feel to be as the “other half of the equation”,  yoga and movement.  The clients I work with have begun developing questions regarding how to continue this newfound experience of freedom, which has inspired me to look further, and learn more in the field of yoga and movement. I feel grateful to have been able to work with L’ in this introductory course.  She is passionate in her presentation of marrying the concept of freedom with ongoing physical support, while weaving a beautiful ribbon of positive psychology via the expertise of Regina Koetters, personal coach into the fabric of the larger picture of this training.  It is valuable piece in whole body wellness and it is wonderful to see this incorporated.   L’ is a very experienced practitioner and gifted teacher. I am looking forward to expanding on this knowledge base as well as being able to offer more to those who are on a journey to self care.   I look forward to the full training next year!”  – Karen Bradley, New Hampshire