Training in RolfYoga

Introduction to RolfYoga, Setting Your Practice and Clients into Motion!

 RolfYoga Professional Training 

Wish to revolutionize the way you work on and off the table? Expand your current yoga or Structural Integration practice with a specifically designed movement program geared towards your client’s needs. This program will teach you how to educate your clients in movement based on their individual needs.  RolfYoga is a deeper exploration into the 10 Session Session sequence via yoga asana, breath work, meditation, and effective positive communication with students and clients. If you are newer to teaching classes, or have never taught before but would like to this program may just be for you!

UPCOMING CLASSES:: December 15th Nashville, TN  and December 17th/18th Sanford, North Carolina

Training Date set for 2019 – location and dates TBA  –  IASI CE Provider

RolfYoga Speaks:

I attended the intro training for L’aura Campsi’s RolfYoga Training this fall in Pittsburgh, PA. My background consists of 19 years experience in Sports Medicine, Medical Massage Therapy and Structural Integration.  I have have only recently begun to explore what I now feel to be as the “other half of the equation”,  yoga and movement.  The clients I work with have begun developing questions regarding how to continue this newfound experience of freedom, which has inspired me to look further, and learn more in the field of yoga and movement. I feel grateful to have been able to work with L’ in this introductory course.  She is passionate in her presentation of marrying the concept of freedom with ongoing physical support, while weaving a beautiful ribbon of positive psychology via the expertise of Regina Koetters, personal coach into the fabric of the larger picture of this training.  It is valuable piece in whole body wellness and it is wonderful to see this incorporated.   L’ is a very experienced practitioner and gifted teacher. I am looking forward to expanding on this knowledge base as well as being able to offer more to those who are on a journey to self care.   I look forward to the full training next year!  – Karen Bradley, New Hampshire

In May of 2018 I was in Thailand.  I received 5 or 6 massages within one week, and found that after that amount of massage, I was only just starting to see results and tension soften in a bound up calf muscle.  Prior to this trip, I had been receiving regular massage from several excellent massage therapists – almost weekly, and knew that my approach to body work had to change.  The physical patterns of tension in my body needed a new approach.  I could temporarily target one area in my body through yoga, massage, and change my physical patterns of movement just enough to move the tension to another space in the body.  I was having hip issues, then calf issues, then feet and foundation issues.  Then it would move and present as tension and stiffness in my neck and shoulders.  In my spiritual work and development, I seemed to have gotten to a plateau.  I was happy with where I was, but had a sense I needed to go deeper and was having trouble accessing emotions at my core. I was guided to call L’ who I had heard about over the years, and knew her approach would be unlike anything I had experienced elsewhere.  The work of the ten series was exactly what I needed.
The physical changes that happened within the ten series were awesome. Each week, we’d work in a different area and after each session, I would immediately feel and see changes in my posture, the arches of my feet, the tilt of my pelvis, and the broadness of my chest and shoulders.   Having the ability to attend her yoga classes in conjunction with the sessions was a really nice benefit to remain engaged with in the process.
One of my intentions in reaching out to L’ was that I wanted someone to help crack me open emotionally and to get my core issues, to get to the deep stuff spiritually.  I wanted help in releasing things that I knew were deeply emotional but were presenting and showing up physically in my body.  The ten series was just the beginning of this opening for me, and put me on a safe and supported path to continue to do my deep self healing work.  During the process, I completely reexamined my sense of self and identity, and the way that I present myself and show up in the world.  It was transformative, for sure.
I completed the ten series two months ago, and I still feel like my body is adjusting and settling into a place of completeness.  At some point, I look forward to getting some ‘tune up’ kind of sessions.  I feel that structural integration is currently the most effective approach of body work in helping to create lasting change.  I still receive massage and other types of body work, but I am so grateful to have found L’ and structural integration and to have this, and L’, be a part of my self-care wellness plan.
L’ is excellent at her work, holding space, being a guide, and supporting her clients through the process of structural integration and all that comes with it.  I think that every person who ends up on her table has a very unique and individual experience in the ten series.
Also, I have taken L’s RolfYoga training, and am able to directly blend this content and understanding into my sessions with massage and yoga clients.  This training is ideal for any body worker or yoga instructor.  What is helpful about this approach is learning to address movement of the body from the perspective or aspect of looking at the fascial lines.  From a massage perspective, it has added a new lens in the way that I see patterns of tension.  – Liz Haunstein, Pennsylvania