RolfYoga / Movement

FIT3Designed by L’ in 2009 after seeing the need for movement to be introduced to the hands-on work of Structural Integration for clients and in preventing Yoga related injuries to students. L’ has adapted RolfYoga to the classroom in a group setting; offering an array of practical yet dynamic movements that help the body heal, restore, realign and revitalize! Classes are open to all and ideal for clients experiencing Structural Integration with L’.

Heal | Integrate | Balance | Soften | Strengthen | Aligned | Grace 

Students learn about fascial anatomy, the fluid body, and organs while learning to sequence poses and lifestyle movements together with ease.  RolfYoga is perfect for beginners to yoga, movement, and ideal for injury related issues. L’ approaches each client and student with the premise of working towards stabilizing the body, while deeply relaxing into asana (postures). We utilize a variety of props to optimize the experience in each class. The awareness and platform are also laid so that student coming from a traumatic experience can feel safe, and properly supported while learning.

L’ is first and foremost a structural bodyworker, her background in Ashtanga yoga and knowledge of asana is gently woven into classes effortlessly so that students walk away with a greater understanding of their individual system and anatomy. The Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais methods are ever present in her work.”

– Paige Morgan, Business Educator 

Restorative Hue in each class – Train your mind to induce a mode of consciousness to reach inner peace. Light movement and long holds allow you to feel more connected to your life. Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through breathing exercises. Learn about organ placement and how to revitalize yourself with seasonal shifts.

Movement and RolfYoga Classes 

As we enter 2020, the RolfYoga platform will be changing. I am adding many aspects from my teacher Tias Little’s SATYA work. We have been doing a lot of this work more recently in RolfYoga, it’s deeper and more comprehensive. Please stay tuned as the studio moves to a new downtown location, as I add classes this spring and offer beginner to movement and the seasoned practitoiner of yoga, RolfYoga and movement.

“Each class feels like a workshop, I learn so much about myself and the world I live in. It’s more than Yoga, more than movement. L’ is truly one of the most gifted educators of our time and teachers of life in movement.” – Margret Malley, PA