L’aura Marie Campisi, L’, is the founder of The Center for Structural Wellness where the emphasis is held on educating the public about Structural Integration (Rolfing), RolfYoga, and sustainable lifestyle choices.  She is the only female practitioner of this modality in the area and holds high standards of her work with clients.  L’ practices thoughtful and reflective lifestyle techniques and corrective movement principles to promote both physical and mental well-being. She is your classic omnipreneur –  founder and developer behind the RolfYoga program she teaches, and her recent launching of Edible’s by L’. 

L’ has dedicated her life to self-realization through the discovery of yoga, bodywork, meditation, nutrition, and a rooted spiritual practice.  As a former gymnast,  L’ experienced serious injuries stemming from the age of fourteen which allowed her to take a step back and heal her body.  After finding little relief through more conventional care, she took it upon herself to find other means of recovery and positive embodiment. She suffered from bouts of anxiety and ‘unexplained muscle tension’ during this time. L’ discovered Ashtanga Yoga six years later and began to find relief physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Since this young age, she has crafted a path that fosters her own self-actualization. And hasn’t stopped. 

Evolution rather than stagnation and process rather than mastery.

Her educational background and life experience are as diverse as her teaching and healing style.  She looks to the literature of Eckhart Tolle on the Pain Body, Caroline Myss for her pragmatic wisdom, Dr. Ida P. Rolf for practical, centered knowledge of Structural theory and practice as well as the Bert Hellinger work in Family Constellation.  Blending these and other modalities, understanding how physical pain can manifest is how L’ is able to provide healing to those seeking the way forward.

She has lived in the Southwest and on the West Coast for nearly two decades studying directly under Tias Little of Santa Fe, NM and The Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO where she was certified as a Structural Integrator.  She had the rare opportunity of being Rolfed by one of Dr. Rolf’s hand select students, the late Peter Melchior, as well as studied directly under him. It was in New Mexico where she explored unconventional living structures such as adobes, yurts, and earth ships made with sustainable earthen materials—imbuing her practice with sensitivity toward the environment in which healing occurs and sensitivity deeply formed. We say in bodywork, best to come from the source and transmission is vital. 

L’ offers a rich understanding of the human form through her extensive, varied training, and life experiences. She has been facilitating body-mind education for over 25 years, including Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, to her most recent devoted design and teaching of RolfYoga. L’ approaches her work from a place of non-denominational, present, meditative spirituality. Her love of plant-based cuisine, natural medicine, and self-care tools are woven into the fabric of her time with every client.

“Real magic can happen when one devotes every inch of their fiber to sustainable self-care.”

If you are new to self-care and healing, yoga, or bodywork,  or you have been traumatized by the global effects of Covid-19, L’ is an excellent guide and resource for your journey.  For those looking to transform gracefully thru the experience in healing, L’ provides subtle answers and intuitive diagnostic treatment with the nuts-and-bolts structure of her dynamic and insightful healing work. 

L’ has authored two training manuals in RolfYoga, while currently working on two other pieces of literature in healing. She is currently enrolled in an Ayurvedic-Yoga training program during the shut-down while continuing to consult clients remotely who are dealing with traumatized dogs – MovingSophia is the name of this leg of her practice which utilizes craniosacral therapy, and Structural Integration. 

Bodywork: 2005 Graduate of The Guild for Structural Integration receiving over 1,4oo hours of training. 580 hours in Integrative Massage Therapy. Instructors include Peter Melchior, Neil Powers, and Nilce Silva. Intro Course to Craniosacral Biodynamics with Stillpoint in NYC and certification process at The Barrel Institute for Visceral Manipulation. 

Yoga: Tias Little primary teacher. Tim Miller Primary Series Ashtanga Teacher Training, Richard Freeman, Angela Farmer. 

Ayurveda: Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. David Frawley Ayurveda workshops in Yoga and Ayurvedic principles. 

Watsu: The Aspen Meadows Aquatic Center Level 1 Watsu Practitioner. 

Nutrition: Macrobiotics with Paul Pitchford, Heartwood Institute, and Plant-Based Diets for Athletes with Ultraman Rich Roll. 

Permaculture Studies: Esalen Institute. 

Spiritual and Meditation: Gia Combs-Ramirez, Roshi Joan Halifax, and Sandra Ingerman. Vipassana Meditation and Heartfulness.