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Our bodies are the history books of our lives. All of the tensions and pains in our bodies are linked to events that have happened in our past. We hold these lessons in many places; the neck, jaw, back, shoulders, our organs.  With the combination of hands on work, movement, proper nutrition and meditation, we can learn about what is hidden in our bodies that is ready to emerge into wholeness. Sometimes we need to be shown and then feel what has been holding us down, in order to release a lot of the history we’ve held onto for so long. Together, we will create fresh open insights that allows us to heal and grow stronger.

Hello, my name is L’aura Marie Campisi, please call me L’.  I am the founder and practitioner of The Center for Structural Wellness. My aim is to work collectively with clients where our focus is to heal the underlying issue of pain, and bring back the natural structure that nature intended us to have. I am committed to educating the public about the brilliance of Structural Integration and in teaching proper, effective,  intelligent movement. The techniques I have selectively chose to offer here have helped me with my healing process after many compounded injuries and traumas as an athlete, and as a human. 

Welcome to a path of Transformation, I look forward to hearing from you. L’ 

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Things to Know…

  • This space and services are strictly by appointment. Contact  L’ @  505-501-0279 or
  • Sessions and classes can book out up to two weeks in advance.
  • All classes require reservation, classes are small and intimate. No refunds on class cards or are transferable.
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Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a systematic hands on body work technique that unwinds the body via it’s fascial net (connective tissue) – allowing the body to free itself up from deep holding patterns and chronic pain.

RolfYoga | Alexander Technique

RolfYoga is available in small class settings, thru private sessions and after receiving Structural Integration. RolfYoga and Alexander Technique classes and sessions booked weekly.

Professional Training

Professional training for Structural Integrators of the 10 or 12 series. Learn the movement cues relating to yoga asana, breath work, meditation and more to assist clients along in their process.

The Center for Structural Wellness

4708 Penn Avenue
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Structural Integration by Appointment Monday thru Friday

Public RolfYoga Class 10am Wednesday’s | 12 noon Friday’s | 6pm Monday’s (starting 1/7/19)

Reservation Required
Direct: 1+505.501.0279  |

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